I am a Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Rising, and Libra Moon. I am fascinated by Astrology and use it to inform me of the energies currently and help my readings, I'm a novice student however and do not do readings on the topic(a dream someday). I love animals and have a cat named Tonks. I offer an extremely unique twist to my services as I blend together not only my intuitive and ancestral gifts but also my life experiences. I am a firm believer in transparency and that has gotten me in trouble all too often but lead me to where I am now; you get what you see. I love the ocean, the moon, and nature. To my core, I am a green witch and have multiple past lives and links to Salem among other witch traces in my heredity. I started as a person who did readings and have branched out into a person who does readings, is a spiritual coach/mentor and now creates and sells products of a magickal nature; products currently selling on Etsy, soon to be on a product section with this website. The sky is the limit and never allow anyone to tell you "you can't"!

I have been aware of my abilities since a young age of 11.  I originally had my first otherworldly experience with spirit at the age of 11 years old. It was in the area of Harrisville, RI. I was in a theater that I had no idea was considered "haunted". That happened in the year of1993. Many years later, the movies and stories of "The Conjuring" came out to the public, and it turns out the theater is on the same property as the original Conjuring farmhouse. This experience changed my life. After that, I became thirsty for knowledge of spiritual things.  I followed the traditional path for a while and was a special educator. I enjoyed working with students and my intuitive gifts helped me with each non-verbal student, it taught me that nothing is as it seems.


I feel if a client is paying for a service, they deserve to know the truth. I've been reading professionally for many years.  I've had clients ask me things such as when will I meet the person I belong with. I've guided them to take the steps they need to bring that person into their life. I firmly believe that as a reader, I can give my clients tools of how to create the life they want, but when the session is over, it is the client's turn to do the work. We can each have the life we want but need to put in the work to create it; I help with that. That is how I began mentoring and coaching, I learned through trial and practice that I not only could do readings but I could teach clients how to create the life they want if they were willing to work for it. That is my next part of my journey; coaching and mentoring clients on their individual paths to get to the future of their choice; pick your own adventure!