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March 20th, Zero Degrees Libra Full Moon, and Spring Equinox

Are you ready for the double reset of the Full Moon and Spring Equinox that comes tomorrow? Even the most skeptical people tend to notice that energies are heightened around full moons. This upcoming full moon is in Libra, but even more so, it is at zero degrees Libra. This is extremely rare. Usually Full Moons are meant to release, we build up and build up this energy leading to the full moon and then use it's magic to release and reset heading into the next phase.

I want to remind all my clients however, Mercury is still in Retrograde motion until March 25th, so it is not yet time for releasing. What I am feeling is it is still time to set intentions. How will you use this full moon to your advantage? As I was meditating this morning all I could feel from my guides was "it's time to rest before the magic of the moon tomorrow". What is your intuition guiding you to do? My plan is to rest today, and set powerful intentions tomorrow night. Full Moon is a great time to put your crystals outside to cleanse them under the moonlight, removing any energy they have picked up. It is also a wonderful time to take an Epsom salt soak bath to remove any energy you have picked up yourself, journal, and meditate. What do you want to call in moving forward? This Mercury energy is here to make you revamp what you have been working on and wanting, what do you need to change?

Along with this Full Moon energy is the additional reset of the Spring Equinox. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere with me, for the Southern, it's the Fall. For me, it's time for renewal, time to start planting seeds again, and thinking of what is to come. Ideas that have laid dormant, time to write them down, not quite time to act just yet but very very soon.

Remember, Mercury Retrograde is not the time to act, but to plan, to think. Soon, it will be time to act, by the first of April, we will have the wind and sun supporting us to push us forward and we will not be able to fail in our missions if we are truly following our paths. So use this time to your advantage.

What didn't serve you this winter that needs to go? Spring cleaning time!! This includes energy, people, and clutter in your home. What needs to change? Is it your thoughts? Is it your job? Don't be impulsive, don't be reckless. If there are things, people, or jobs you're feeling need to go, it could just be Mercury influencing you and if you ditch it now, you may regret it in three weeks. Let your thoughts simmer, then act in April!

Reach out, let me help you! Let's create something amazing together! Let me show you how to manifest something wonderful! Remember, we are all in this together! I thrive, if you do. Love to all, until next time.

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