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New Moon in Aries April 5 2019

In the month of April the New Moon will occur on April 5 at 4:50 am Eastern time. This month, the new moon happens to be in the fire sign of Aries. With this activity in the cosmos there is a lot that you should keep in mind and know.

Firstly, it is important to have a brief understanding of what Aries represents. Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac, it begins the astrological new year. Aries is aligned with Mars the warrior planet. This makes everything very quick moving, a strong "take charge" feeling. This is the only time this year that a New Moon will be occurring in Aries, so this is a wonderful opportunity for us to all seize the energy and try to create BIG CHANGES in our lives!

Key Themes of this New Moon are:

  1. Become self dependent,

  2. it will help with long term plans,

  3. finding completeness from inside of you while removing a feeling of needing to seek it from outside of yourself

  4. Self Love and Happiness; be happy or loved from within will provide security and confidence moving forward.

  5. Aries can be impulsive so be cautious/aware of jumping into action or making quick decisions without thorough considerations.

  6. Take charge of your life, but be confident and sure, not quick and twitchy.

  7. The only possible challenge that I see is an energy that could slow things down a bit because the moon squares with Saturn so it will cause some blocks with beginning our intentions, but really it's just more of a slowing down the progress rather than a "blocking" so give your intentions some extra time and patience to manifest.

New Moons are typically for setting intentions for the next moon cycle, but I always encourage my clients to listen to their own intuition and do what they feel called to do at the time. Since New Moons are a time for new beginnings, it is a perfect time to set intentions for going forward. Every person does things differently, so I encourage my clients again, to do things in their own way that inspires them, your relationship with Universe is your own. Each moon cycle I usually change it up and I will write a blog later about different kinds of New Moon rituals, but for today's purpose I will give two suggestions feel free to mix and match, do what speaks to you, or do none of it. This is a guide only :)

Ritual Option One:

Use a notebook that you plan on using each new moon to write intentions. Plan to re write an ongoing list each month to the universe so this notebook is only for these new moon intentions and will end up being very long. Gather a few materials that make you feel in connection with universe. Take some time to light some incense, a candle, some sage, etc, whatever your intuition guides you to do. Call in the brightest light, your guides, angels, universe that are only in your highest and best interest. Then put on some kind of music or guided meditation, again whatever serves you best, and meditate for 15 minutes visualizing what you wish to call in during this New Moon cycle. After your meditation, sit and begin your list. Start this with, the date and time, and then write a letter to Universe stating something like " I thank Universe for bringing me all that is in my highest and best interest, now and always. I am in gratitude for all that is and continues to be done for me each and every day and every moment. Thank you for this or something greater, and so it is."

Then begin your list of specifics make it like a shopping list, detailed and positive. List even small things you wish to create like... "going to dinner with my mother" or "making $15 extra dollars this week" and big dreams like "buying a new house", "moving in with my boyfriend", "getting married", etc. Taylor this list to your specific wants and dreams. The reason I say write things that are small, things you KNOW will happen is it helps add the magic to creating things that are bigger. If it is very likely you will see a movie with your best friend, put that down because it will make you very happy, and at the same time it will add more magic to your other intentions. When done with this list of yours, put it away and thank Universe again for everything that is provided to you each and every day. Look for my next blog for further details and recommendations on how to follow up with this.

Ritual Option Two:

This one came to me for specifically this Aries New Moon because it is the new moon in our zodiac new year. The way I feel with this one is think of it like we do with the calendar new year; when we begin a new year on the calendar we want to leave behind the old, reset, restart and begin the year fresh with a new journey and start again. Think of this new moon as the "Astrological New Year Reset" concept.

After doing some meditation and clearing your space with smudging of incense, candles, sage, Florida water, palo santo, or whatever calls to you (pick one don't do all), then sit and think about what you want to leave behind energetically.

Since Mercury just came out of retrograde, I'm more than positive it has stirred up plenty of feelings about things that no longer serve you. What comes to mind immediately? Careers, people, thought processes, habits, lifestyle choices? There is so much in our lives that could be reorganized, released, changed to better us, so listen to yourself, your guides; what has been nagging at you that has been weighing you down? I know me in particular, I need to de-clutter a lot in my home for one, I also need to refocus my energy on self care and self love. Listen to your heart and it will come.

Write it down on a piece of paper, read it out loud to universe, pray to your guides, universe and your angels to remove these things that are no longer in your best interest and that no longer serve you, that are no longer in your highest good, and to help you on your path. Then burn this paper, in particular outside if possible. Envision the smoke rising into the air, giving the energy to the cosmos, to your guides and Universe trusting it is taken care of and so it is. By doing this ritual ( which I plan on doing) you will be trusting and releasing all these things that have been burdening you. Then, starting fresh. You could end your ritual there by thanking universe and your guides and be done, or choose to write a brief intentions list, again all of this is your choice and just recommendations.

The New Moon is to reflect about what we want to initiate for the next moon cycle, and this one is really about what we want to initiate for the next Zodiac calendar. Where do you want to be in a year? If you need further support, with a reading, or intention setting, I offer coaching services and readings in the Booking section on my website.

Enjoy your New Moon everyone.

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