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Readings Shed Light On The Truth

Stepping out of darkness and into the sunshine of truth

There have been times in my life that I have found I felt something was “off” and I did not exactly want to admit it to myself. That was my inner guidance telling me, “hey pay attention, this person isn’t being truthful” or “something’s not quite right” etc.

Very often I will have clients who just feel something isn’t right in a situation, this could be a relationship, a job, or something with a family member or friend. Each individual circumstance is as unique as every client and person, however the central them that they all have in common, including my own is; we all felt something wasn’t quite right and can’t exactly put our finger on it.

This is the very best time to reach out for assistance, to ask for someone to contact your guides, your angels and shed some additional light on the problem and/or root of your concerns. Usually, your concerns are founded for a reason. I have to say the majority of the time, my clients have a good reason to be concerned, it turns out the job isn’t the one for them and Universe will soon be intervening if they don’t take action soon, or the person is lying to them or hiding something.

In my experience over the years there are two kinds of clients with these types of readings, the kind of client who truly wants to know what is really going on, get down to the meat of the problem, accept it, get tools to adjust or move on and handle it; this is the kind of client I love who I can always help with either moving on or working some manifesting energy magic to fix the problem, either way I can empower them on their journey.

Then there’s the dreaded other client; this client is in full denial that there is a problem, but has come to me nonetheless which means deep down they know there is one and really does want help but isn’t quite ready for the help. This client makes up a million excuses, argues with me about what I see and doesn’t accept my findings. I still struggle with how to help this client. Unfortunately, sometimes this client is still addicted to the pain, and their pattern and like an addict to anything, they can’t heal until they accept that they have a problem. If you find yourself in this position, I will tell you the truth, every time, as compassionately but honestly as I can. I never change my answer and never tell you what you want to hear just because that’s what you want. As challenging as this client can be, I know they were guided to come to me for a reason; they are almost ready for the truth and are slowly starting to accept this. They are taking the first small steps on the path of listening to their intuition, looking for some confirmation and pushing back not wanting to believe it. Sometimes, I lose this client because they aren’t ready and get angry. Sometimes, I temporarily lose the client, and then months or even a year or two later they return and tell me “you were right, I didn’t want to listen but you were right…”

We have all been through that stage in our lives where we don’t want to believe something, I went through it with a boyfriend who was cheating on me. I knew for well over a year and a half. I felt it almost immediately intuitively that he was with someone else. I wasn’t ready to acknowledge it. I made a million excuses for him, to others, to myself, until finally I could no longer and it was glaringly obvious that he was. It was a hard lesson I had to learn on my own. A lesson to trust my intuition, a lesson that my spirits, guides, angels and ancestors never lie to me.

When you come for a reading, it is very important you keep this in mind; are you ready to hear the truth, no matter what it is? Sometimes the truth is excruciatingly hard to hear. You are paying very good money for a real reading for real messages. My promise and guarantee to you is to never be one of “those” people who just tell you what you want, but with that also comes sometimes a hardness. I can tell you as kindly and compassionately as possible, “he’s cheating on you”, or “your boss is stealing from you”, etc. but the truth is very hard sometimes. My best advice I can give every client is be sure you’re ready for the truth and be open for whatever messages come, because whatever they are, it’s from your guides and they will be truthful and nothing else.

Have a most amazing day, and live everyday with purpose.

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