Intuitive Reading*







During a Reading with Mel, you will have the opportunity to ask whatever's on your mind. She will use many tools including her guides, Tarot and/or Oracle cards, etc. She will be as gentle as possible, but she will always communicate the truth about what she sees. Mel will share whatever messages she receives from all modalities.  Every reading, reader, and client is different, Mel asks you to come with an open heart and mind.


She asks when you book a session if you have a specific question already in mind to please provide this, your name, and your birthday (month and day), also the name of whomever you may be asking about, ahead of time. You can do this via the form for booking. She will use this information to meditate and get messages for you before the reading. This allows more in-depth details that an on-demand reading.  


Mel's goal at the end of every reading no matter the content, client, messages or result is to leave her clients feeling in a better place than they felt at the beginning of the reading. She is here to help, guide, empower, and inspire.


Coaching Sessions**




During a session, Mel will give you individualized attention. She works with your specific needs and interests in mind. You will leave with tools to help you get what you want and feel empowered. These sessions are meant for attaining specific goals. Currently, Mel offers two types of Coaching Sessions- she has individual sessions that stand alone and coaching packages, each center around self-love and healing to help the client get into the mindset for creation and manifestation of their desired outcomes. 

Removing Blocks For Self Love-One session-45 mins 

This session is a session about removing worthiness blocks, Mel's theory is that each of us has blocks around worthiness and it prevents us from proper self-love. Each session begins with identifying what the client's block is and then working on some individualized routines to remove the blocks. 

Creating Romantic Relationships with Self-Love-3 Month Coaching Package--6 sessions

This is a package deal which means you will get 6 private sessions with Mel over a 3 month period of time. The outcome Mel provides to her clients is to help them determine what worthiness blocks they actually have, what is the root of the problem, and start the healing process. While that is happening, it will create doorways and vehicles for self-love, allowing the client to become a higher vibration, and become open to the process to discuss manifestation techniques in their area of concern, allowing the remaining sessions to focus on the manifesting/creation process. 

What you get:

All sessions provide more than what is described; description is a brief summary.

Session 1: 45 mins- Introduction: Worthiness blocks, self-love, and goal determination

Session  2: 60 mins- Diving Deep into the Blocks: Intuitive reading, block removing meditation, end with tools to utilize before next visit.

Session 3: 90 mins- Creation Plan Initiations: Check-ins, goal and plan creation, creation of attainable routines.

Session 4: 60- 90 mins- Gratitude and Intentions through Love: Evaluate progress, summarize growth, meditation, focus on gratitude and start intention plans.

Session 5: 90 mins- Clarify Intentions: Intuitive reading update around remaining blocks, gratitude review, focused intention work with detailed individualized specifics clarified, meditation. 

Session 6: 60 mins- Self Love, Relationship Creation Plan Finalized: Wrap everything up, review everything discussed and concerns, final meditation, Q&A.

With 3 guaranteed bonus items:

This is a sample of what it could include but may be subject to change

          BONUS #1: Recorded meditation for Gratitude 

          BONUS #2: Affirmations for self-love/worthiness

          BONUS #3: Journaling for self-awareness


**ALL Coaching sessions need to be scheduled via email with Mel in advanced, not through the booking system, email for more details**

*Reading Sessions can be done by phone, video chat, recorded reading, or email reading, when booking a session, fill out preferred option. See privacy policy*